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Meet Damaris, the veteran hairstylist with over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry. Known for prioritizing the health of her clients' hair, Damaris specializes in natural, European, and black hair.

At Damaris' salon, the focus is clear – hair comes first. Meticulous care and hydration are non-negotiable in every treatment. Damaris, a consultant as much as a stylist, tailors each session, considering factors like relaxation, color, and deep treatment.

Beyond her expertise, Damaris stands out for her no-nonsense approach and genuine enthusiasm. Clients are drawn to her transformative results and the warmth she brings to the salon. Damaris's Latina appearance adds a unique cultural touch to every visit.

For a hairstylist blending experience with a client-centric philosophy, Damaris is your go-to. Trust her capable hands for a stunning hairstyle and the assurance that your hair's health is a top priority. Damaris – where passion meets expertise, and your hair always takes precedence.

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Some Clients Styled by Damaris

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