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Do you have black hair, kinky hair, curly hair or processed hair? Then you are very welcome at Damaris Hair & Beauty Studio in Rotterdam. The specialty of this hair salon is repairing damaged hair so that you can enjoy a healthy haircut again. In addition, the salon has a color bar where you can go for color analysis. Would you like advice? The team is happy to give you this, tailored to your budget. Come in and enjoy a delicious drink, a relaxation area after the treatment and a selfie bar where you can capture the beautiful result.

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The all-round hairdresser with more than 30 years of experience in the beauty and hairdressing industry. She has knowledge and experience in all types of hair and has made a name of herself by continuously thinking first about what the hair needs and how best to take care of your hair after intensive treatment. At Damaris, the hair comes first and in all hair treatments the hair is well taken care of and hydrated before and after the treatment.

Damaris is a specialist in natural hair, European hair and black hair. She understands relaxation, color and deep treatment and advices the client on the best course of action, always making sure the client understands and agrees with the process. If you want someone who has years of experienced and always puts your hair first, then you are at the right place at Damaris. This hairdresser is loved by her customers because of her no-nonsense approach, Latina appearance and enthusiasm for the profession.


Hairdresser is a color specialist for all types of hair. Sue has already built up a lot of knowledge through her mother Damaris in treating natural and black hair. She is the hair color specialist of Damaris Hair & Beauty Studio and has often followed various courses and training to get this title. She is less all-round than Damaris, but that is because she focuses and specialize color, in particular Highlights and Balayage techniques. Sue likes to apply the new hair coloring techniques and you can always contact her with a photo of your desired look and she will help you create that look. Furthermore, she has developed herself in the complete treatment of natural hair and how you can best treat it, which products are best for this and how to best style your hair. She has also trained for "damage control" and can help customers who have all kinds of problems with their hair, such as problems with growth or hair that has been damaged by different chemical processes. If you have had issues with damage to your hair in recent years, you are at the right place. Her advice is valuable, and she always finds either a natural solution or a chemical solution and that just depends on you and your hair! Do you have natural hair and do not know what to do with it, what’s your curl type and how you best to care for it, then Sue is also the right hairdresser for you. She takes the time to explain everything and gives you plenty of choices depending on you lifestyle and needs.

This senior hairdresser is known for her directness, but also for the quality she teaches to the customers.


Mijn naam is Samantha ik ben 21 jaar en ik woon in Rotterdam. Ik heb de opleidingen allround kapper en Salonmanger gedaan, waardoor ik veel ervaring heb ik het kappersvak en daarbij ook de behaalde diploma's heb gehaald. Tijdens mijn opleiding heb ik stage gelopen en ook gewerkt in een kapsalon. Ik heb daardoor 3 jaar stage ervaring en 1 jaar werk ervaring. Bij Damaris Hair & Beaty Studio werk ik als Allround Junior Stylist. Ik doe behandelingen van wassen, knippen, föhnen, silkpress tot aan keratine en botox behandelingen.


Karolina is onze vlechtspecialist en kan prachtige vlechten, twists, crochet en nog veel meer maken. Als je door haar wilt laten vlechten en op zoek bent naar kwaliteit en snelheid, dan is ze de kapper voor jou. Ze weet de klant te adviseren over die vlechtlook waar je naar op zoek ben. Ze heeft hier meer dan 5 jaar ervaring in en dat zie je terug in haar werk. De vlechten zijn netjes en haar methodieken zorgen ervoor dat ze lang meegaan. Ben je benieuwd naar de vlechtmogelijkheden en weet je niet wat je wilt? Karoline staat voor je klaar om je te adviseren. Ze staat bekend om haar directe en open houding en geeft de klanten altijd de stijl die bij hen past.

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